New Year

New year of the calendar has begun.

Time to rid myself of my own born fears.

Time has gone.

Time to still be real.

Time be cleansed like I am reborn.

Never one to blow my own trumpet.

But now is the time.

Blowing my own horn like it is the horn of Rosh ha – Shanah.

Crazy how the years have gone.


Crazy still how I did not lose my mind.

Crazy how,  no one never felt the wrath of the dark side.

But I beat my ill feelings down.

Like a Tyson right hook then kicked them whilst they were still down.

Shit it did the same to me.

It used to control the game.

But how can you douse a fire that burns so strong.

Time has showed me that I belong.

My girl has shown me where I belong.

My heart has shown me that I am still strong.

My words still flow, makes me want to beat my chest like King Kong.

Time of the dead has long gone.

Still I take what it taught me.

Still I will watch for it trying to take me.

So now my concentration.

Can be focused on the things that made me.

Negativity dead on arrival.

Subdued, no longer able to sway me.

So much to give, without be chained down.

Allowed to drive into the light.

I may have a few engine problems.

But now I can fix my mind.

So no longer can I tell myself NO, it cannot be done.

Nothing is impossible, nothing at all.

So I am going to get to where I belong.

I can now look around.

What I see does not get me down.

Something is really wrong with the world.

Could I be wrong?

But this is my new year.

My new age.

Now refocused and ready for anything to try and prove me wrong.

My strength, born in the darkness and the dread.

Ready to ascend into the light.

All that strength growing into positivity.

It will blow like a nuclear bomb.

But love will will spread the light.

My new year.

My time to rise and shine.

I understand now that when the sun sets.

It is not the end of the light.

It is the lights way to be reborn.

Religion again.

So on i go, babbling on about religion.

Like REM, losing my religion.

But to be lost it has to be found.

So i carry on with my head down.

Doing my research, searching for a way to be down.

But when you research, you may find.

What was not intended to be found.

What some have known but did not pass down.

Some may say you are right off track, that you are paranoid, just weird and that.

But sometimes you just have to look at the facts.

Of course the facts may not be facts.

It could just be a coincidence to the facts.

It could be that the facts are distorted.

So the facts that are not facts are just coincidences of facts that are just facts that are distorted.

Jesus my mind is blown and I have only just started.

But is that the game to just confuse?

When the most blatant truths are staring right at you.

Symbols and signs are everywhere.

But they are not if you are unaware.

If you cannot read between the lines, it acts as though you are blind.

But why should you look?

Why should you care?

Do you mind not knowing the truth?

Do you not want to know if they tell lies?

Me, I am a nosey git.

I want to know our real history.

I want to know why they hold things back.

I want to know why they developed these eclectic faiths?

When they all worship the sun?

What is wrong with that?

They are all focused with the stars.

Venus, Jupiter and Mars.

They all tell a similar story in different ways.

Yet they all seem determined to hate.

Anyone who does not comply.

Whoever does not tell their version of a story, tells lies.

Yet all these stories stem from one.

What is wrong with telling that one?

Symbols and rituals are there to be seen.

They just need decoding.

I do not understand all the fuss.

Why they feel they need to lie.

We all see, the all seeing eye.

But maybe because they think that they have us trapped.

In a system, that in reality is a prison.

Could it be that they would tell such a big lie?

Just to keep us in line.

Well that is like asking would a politician lie?

Worship the Kings?

Reading through the bible, laughing aloud.

No offence do I mean to whoever starts to frown.

It seems to me God is the evil one.

Wiping out the earth and even his own son.

Just a few questions or queries do I have.

Like why he gives power to the evil one?

Surely he’s the one who would wipe everyone out?

Crucify God’s son just for a laugh?

Then make people worship his instrument of attack?

Is it just a game?

A game we all lose?

Is the cross just a calling card?

Are people being tricked into worshipping the wrong one?

It says in the bible that we are evil from birth.

Does that mean we are formed from the worst?

The worst would be evil and he wrote the whole book?

Do we all bear his number?

Dare we all look?

Blasphemy this poem would be classed as I’m sure.

But has anyone really decoded the good book?

It talks about violence and punishing allot.

About worshiping Kings.

How we should not question the inbred lot.

It’s just a query, but if we went by the book.

I would be stoned to death by the faithful lot.

Are we sure that these churches, temples and synagogues.

Are a gateway to the heaven we seek?

If I was the Devil I would twist everything we see.

So an easy option is the thing we seek.

Just live your life like the book.

Spend all your money in worship and prayer.

Bow down before me and I will give you your dream.

But obviously the reverse to the things you seek.

I’m not saying I’m right; it’s just a nagging thing.

Similar to proverbs talking about nagging things.

In that section the wife’s are the nagging ones.

Not that loving and caring that comes across.

Well I will leave it at that before I get struck down.

Struck down for being right or struck down for being wrong.

Either way it’s a 50 – 50 chance.

But just to reiterate I’m not saying I’m right.

Nor saying I’m wrong.

We all take this chance.