The omen’s curse

Damien learnt from his dad when he was young.

Money equals power, it stands above everyone.

Do what you need to do.

Never leave anyone alive to tell a tale.

Stick by these rules, you will not fail.

Dad had to go though, dead in a bloody violent end.

Damien saw it all.

Cremation, ashes to ashes blown away in the wind.

Mum struggling in an unforgiving environment.

Evil waiting to devour the weak.

Any weakness shown was quickly exploited.

Mum could just not say no to the drugs.

Damien saw how this was exploited.

His path was dark, no light and no love.

No friends, no childhood.

He was told it was just tough luck.

His only comfort was the retreat in his mind.

Here anything was possible.

Here he could survive.

He watched and observed a distorted way of life.

If people fear you they are showing true love.

Was his corrupted thought.

Money was love and anything else it bought.

He met his only friend, that was a voice in his head.

Always showing him a way to get respect.

He could fight anyone,.

Fight anyone until they were dead.

By time he was a teenager his mum was gone.

Chasing a dragon that bit back saw her end.

Now there was only him and his friend.

He had to protect himself.

No weaknesses, no empathy, no love.

No one was going to stop him.

From becoming what he was destined to become.

His friend would guide him and said Damien would be his son.

All he had to do, is what had to be done.

It had to be his choice, this life.

Rags to riches, do anything to survive.

Gratuitous violence would lead him to fame.

Money, notoriety and a celebrity street fame.

Anything he touched money would come his way.

Nothing was beyond him.

Nothing could stand in his way.

Murder was just the beginning.

Never looking back, no emotion, never guessing.

Continually creating a dark path.

His friend told him you are truly your father’s son.

My work here is done.

It is time for me to move on.

So Damien is on his own, with no understanding of what is going on.

Behind him on the dark path that he lay.

Demons lay in wait.

Waiting for a mistake.

Whilst on one of his jobs.

Doing people wrong.

His eyes crossed path with the eyes of a boy.

This boy kneeling on the floor.

His dying dad’s hand in his.

Damien had just slaid another victim in his way.

But this time he saw a reflection in the boys eyes.

Looking back at him.

He could not believe his eyes.

His friend who had lied, plotted behind his back all this time.

He saw the devil in that boys eyes.

Scenario just like when his dad died.

Cold rippled through his skin.

He realized he had let the devil in.

Bang was the sound.

Burning pain as he fell to his knees.

His life flashed before him.

All the pain and misery was his history.

Light started to dim.

This young kid started to grin.

Too late to realise.

His soul was no longer his.

The story must begin again.