Stay true

I used to wonder why I go through the things I go through
Never understood why I think, the things I do.
Darkness and cold was what I was used to.
Natural chemicals in my brain not working.
My mind not working.
My body not working.
Only death would seem to work.
Blood and tears were a regular thing.
Twisted philosophy of my own demise.
Arguing for longevity.
Just to get through the storm.
Lost my job.
Lost my mind.
Lost my spark.
Found my hell.
Not a crack head, nothing I could shoot would ease the flames.
Scarring my body, my mind, my soul.
No easy way out.
Lost in a maze of nightmares.
No easy turn.
Every corner there was something waiting to make me fall.
But sink or swim.
I had to fight.
Learn how to protect my sanity.
Lose my stubborn pride.
Ask for help.
Put it all on the line.
No more lying to myself.
I am such a mess.
But to fight is one thing I know I do well.
But that is the place I found myself.
Like a child being born.
My biggest fear.
But I swore I would never be that way again.
There goes my pride again, playing mind games.
So I fell on my sword.
To embrace what I fear to help start over.
This should not happen to anyone I look out for.
It should not happen to anyone that I am opposed to.
To think otherwise would be playing into that game again.
Somewhere that I am not going to go to.
So what I have I learnt.
Through all the shit I have gone through.
Stay true to you.
You will find a way through.

You said so much.

This poem is about the government system. These people will smile and shake your hand as they lie to you. I have no faith in the system as they lie and cheat. As people become more disillusioned with the system, change has to occur. Not a change of political party but a change of the whole system is needed. Are we strong enough to go into the unknown, I do not know?

You have said a hell of allot of things.

You said you stuck to your promises.

You said you cared.

You said you would always look out for us.

You said you would always protect us.

You said you would never judge us.

You said you would not lie to us.

You said you would not look down at us.

You said you would always be there for us.

You said we are your world.

You said we would be equal.

You said if we worked hard we would be ok.

You said if we put our faith in you, you would always be down.

You said if we died for you, are families would be in good hands.

You said if we fell ill you would help us out.

You said you swore you would never be underhand.

You said this was our land.

You said this was our home.

You said we would always stand hand in hand.

You said you would respect us.

You said you would never sell us out.

You said you would represent us.

You said you would be our voices, that we would always be heard.

You said you would always be fair.

You said that you would not let us down.

You said you are the same of us.

You said we would always engage us.

You said we did not have to fear you.

You said we would ALL be ok.

It breaks my heart, it hurts so much.

You no longer feel the same.

We do not know if you ever did.

Is it all just a game to you?

We play our part but you feel no shame.

You no longer understand us, you never really knew us.

You deal death, unjust punishment and cause us so much pain.

Your have no empathy never mind sympathy.

Your lies are killing us.

You keep pushing.

We are not you but we will have to push back.

God, why does it have to go this way?

You said you are us.

You told so many lies to us.

Your web is so tangled you do not know where it begins.

But this has to be were we end.

We can no longer respect you, believe you.

You make us despise you.

So all I can say is that we see through what you say to us.

It is such a shame.

Front line

We are at war.

All of the time.

Our enemy is hidden.

Better than the calm in the storm.

Deeper than Donnie Brasco.

Never to be exposed.

Never to be seen.

They create the front line.

They strike at you even before you are born.

Chemically unbalanced from the moment you are born.

Born a slave into the system.

You are walking a tightrope that is going to be cut.

Freefall into the system.

Designed to do you no favours.

Land straight in the front line.

Injected with chemicals as a kid.

Precaution, you should not speak.

Do not raise a question?

Or face the SS strike like a lightning bolt.

Steal your child or your life.

Stay inline.

In the front line.

No free thought this is what they create.

Follow the scriptures.

Never question.

You are a kid, be grateful if you get old.

Learn their education.

Or find out what evil they will do to you.

Get you in a home, get you to some satanic cult.

Whichever you will find yourself at hells gate.

Fighting in the front line.

If you survive you could become a crack whore.

Life as eternal damnation.

Forget any dreams, the substance will protect you.

Then they wonder why you do not care about you.

Dying in the front line.

So what are these lines.

These are just some thoughts of the front line.

God have mercy on you.

If I see her first I will avenge you.

Created by poverty that we go through.

A system designed to screw you.

Spit you out, designed to hate you.

Keep going on the front line.

Life is not fair, it was not meant to be.

Dominated by barely human dominatrix puppets.

Entitlement given to them by incestral marriages.

Ritualistic gimps living life easily.

Honoring each other with titles and wealth.

Without ever stepping near the front line.

One day though, stay in hope.

We will recover from the shell shock.

The permanent post traumatic stress may lift.

Turn the targets away from us.

New dawn, new lines drawn.

A new front line.


Trust is valuable commodity.

Yet they break it all the time.

They tell us we live in a democracy.

Knowing that’s a lie.

Something has got really distorted.

Somewhere along the line.

How can people who were elected.

To keep the wolves from the door.

Just abandon the poor and needy.

Letting the wolves through the door.

These verbal contortionists feed us straight damn lies.

Protecting their own ends.

Trained on how to lie.

They are so far removed, expecting us to take their lies.

Break ups are never pretty.

It’s already costing human lifes.

But when people wake up to the suffering.

If they do in time.

They will be held accountable for their lies.

Their defense is well in motion.

Water cannons ordered to keep the people in line.

They will just keep lining their pockets.

Until we do something about their lies.

Lost Generation

Lost generation

You call them dumb.

You call them lazy.

You say they are just little vagrants.

But they are not from mars.

They are your babies.

They are a reflection of your failings.

Born and bred to a lost generation.

They can’t get jobs or an education.

Then you wonder why they go crazy.

ASBOS, hoodies and CHAVs are your favourites.

You don’t care about them unless they go crazy.

Rioting, looting and kids having babies.

Then you publicise how you hate them.

Our grandparents sacrificed all in your favour.

Then were you when things went pear shaped.

Create estates, build the hatred.

Divide and conquer and we play it.

Come the day that we awaken.

Stand back and watch as we invade you.

The fuse will be lit and we will slay you.

Or slay ourselves as we are not blameless.

We are the generation that is getting more lost.

That little more crazy.

We are just faceless numbers in a system.

Designed to control and do us no favours.

But there is hope.

There is always salvation.

One day we will have our leader.

Who will be more than just a good speaker.

Maybe then we will not lose a generation.

Religion again.

So on i go, babbling on about religion.

Like REM, losing my religion.

But to be lost it has to be found.

So i carry on with my head down.

Doing my research, searching for a way to be down.

But when you research, you may find.

What was not intended to be found.

What some have known but did not pass down.

Some may say you are right off track, that you are paranoid, just weird and that.

But sometimes you just have to look at the facts.

Of course the facts may not be facts.

It could just be a coincidence to the facts.

It could be that the facts are distorted.

So the facts that are not facts are just coincidences of facts that are just facts that are distorted.

Jesus my mind is blown and I have only just started.

But is that the game to just confuse?

When the most blatant truths are staring right at you.

Symbols and signs are everywhere.

But they are not if you are unaware.

If you cannot read between the lines, it acts as though you are blind.

But why should you look?

Why should you care?

Do you mind not knowing the truth?

Do you not want to know if they tell lies?

Me, I am a nosey git.

I want to know our real history.

I want to know why they hold things back.

I want to know why they developed these eclectic faiths?

When they all worship the sun?

What is wrong with that?

They are all focused with the stars.

Venus, Jupiter and Mars.

They all tell a similar story in different ways.

Yet they all seem determined to hate.

Anyone who does not comply.

Whoever does not tell their version of a story, tells lies.

Yet all these stories stem from one.

What is wrong with telling that one?

Symbols and rituals are there to be seen.

They just need decoding.

I do not understand all the fuss.

Why they feel they need to lie.

We all see, the all seeing eye.

But maybe because they think that they have us trapped.

In a system, that in reality is a prison.

Could it be that they would tell such a big lie?

Just to keep us in line.

Well that is like asking would a politician lie?

Worship the Kings?

Reading through the bible, laughing aloud.

No offence do I mean to whoever starts to frown.

It seems to me God is the evil one.

Wiping out the earth and even his own son.

Just a few questions or queries do I have.

Like why he gives power to the evil one?

Surely he’s the one who would wipe everyone out?

Crucify God’s son just for a laugh?

Then make people worship his instrument of attack?

Is it just a game?

A game we all lose?

Is the cross just a calling card?

Are people being tricked into worshipping the wrong one?

It says in the bible that we are evil from birth.

Does that mean we are formed from the worst?

The worst would be evil and he wrote the whole book?

Do we all bear his number?

Dare we all look?

Blasphemy this poem would be classed as I’m sure.

But has anyone really decoded the good book?

It talks about violence and punishing allot.

About worshiping Kings.

How we should not question the inbred lot.

It’s just a query, but if we went by the book.

I would be stoned to death by the faithful lot.

Are we sure that these churches, temples and synagogues.

Are a gateway to the heaven we seek?

If I was the Devil I would twist everything we see.

So an easy option is the thing we seek.

Just live your life like the book.

Spend all your money in worship and prayer.

Bow down before me and I will give you your dream.

But obviously the reverse to the things you seek.

I’m not saying I’m right; it’s just a nagging thing.

Similar to proverbs talking about nagging things.

In that section the wife’s are the nagging ones.

Not that loving and caring that comes across.

Well I will leave it at that before I get struck down.

Struck down for being right or struck down for being wrong.

Either way it’s a 50 – 50 chance.

But just to reiterate I’m not saying I’m right.

Nor saying I’m wrong.

We all take this chance.

House of pain

I guess I used to reside in the house of pain.

Not having an inkling.

That my negative thinking.

Was causing the sinking.

Into my own personal hell.

I was unable to breath.

Getting deeper into the point of no return.

I can still hear my screaming.

Fighting my demons.

Literally raising hell.

Somehow I could see through.

Grab hold of the things I thought were out of reach for.

Someone living in the house of pain.

Now i know there was a reason that my conscious would never give in.

So now i understand some of the reasons.

Why I can now tell.

Stories of my pain.

But these are really changing.

The rhymes that i use to erase the pain.

Now i can breathe easy.

Take control of the negative thinking.

As i quell the flames of hell.

Now I believe with good reasons.

That I should never leave this life.

Until it is my turn.

The Purge

You may not be aware of the purge.

You may just not care.

It is going on all around us.

It has many faces.

It’s in all places.

Our right to be human.

Is slowly being taken away.

Our thoughts and behavior.

Our health and free will.

Are all being purged.

Our rights are being eroded.

Never to be seen again.

No one is safe from this system.

Though you may never feel the pain.

You want the best for the generations of your family.

It could all be in vein.

Governments govern nothing.

As they each sell out in turn.

Humans become commodities.

Nothing more than a number.

Nothing more than a slave.

We sleepwalk into entrapment.

Straight in to the cage.

It is not hard to see this happening.

It is right before our eyes.

We all have that gut feeling.

That things are getting worse.

We all have our voices that should be heard.

Can we reverse the actions?

Can we all stand together?

Can we make ourselves be heard?

I believe we can do so.

We just need to learn to not be so scared.

Because of this system.

We seem to suffer from Stockholm syndrome.

It is quite absurd.

We know that we are continually lied to.

We know that what they bring is hurt.

But we just continue blindly.

Into the purge.

What is going on?

Do we ever really know the truth?

Can we see what is in front of us?

We are taught things from a young age.

Some of these things just do not feel right.

Governments withhold information for our own benefit.

They feel we can’t handle the truth.

Yet if we ask for an answer.

We are denied.

People are out of control.

Power mad with no empathy.

They will wipe out whole generations or races.

Just to own what they think are precious things.

Where is our humanity?

If you look at our own history as a race.

It leaves more questions than answers.

We do not who we are, or how we became to be.

History books may as well be blank.

They give us no real answers to the questions we seek.

We built the pyramids all those years ago without any technology?

We blindly follow some faiths.

Some created to keep the peace.

Some created purely out of man’s greed.

Older beliefs where banished because they did not suit.

An emperors interpretation of how his empire should be.

We seem to have no idea of what happened when we began.

Still with no idea of why we are here.

If you try to think outside of the restrictive chains.

You are made out to be weird.

Still lecturers will lecture on about misguided theories of how we got here.

But I still think we have no idea of what went on.

No idea of what is going on.

We still do not know what is real.

Or what is going on.