Where I am from

Where I am from

I’m from a place that looked like the village of the damned.
Destitution, prostitution and violence ruled the land.
A social engineered project.
Designed to keep you down.
Living in purgatory, full of clowns.

Drinking in a boozer with thugs on drugs.
Championed as heroes because they could throw a hard punch.
Some crazy fat fuck, who would have your nuts off.
If they did not like your look.

Burglaries and robberies an every day event.
Desensitized to violence by the age of eight.
Shop lifting a sport so you did not miss out.

Role models in short supply.
There would be no easy way out.
Education frowned upon.
Your role would be a class clown.
Such a stressful lifestyle.
Surviving was the key.
Never looking forward.
Always looking down.
I’m sure this was repeated in most U.K. town’s.

Yet we allow this to go down.
Past down to every generation.
As this is a normal way of life.
To survive in all this poverty and strife.
These forgotten neighbourhoods.
It seems to be part of the government’s plans.
Because uneducated and oppressed people will never make a stand.

This has always been the way we are ruled.
By our masters from up above.
They focus our attention in looking at immigration.
Race and religion.
On how these people are so different than us.
So we can invest our anger and frustrations on a sitting duck.
But we have more in common with these so called enemies than our illegitimate leaders.
Who view us from high above.

Can we break the deadlock of our strife and pain?
Or are we to brainwashed?

We hold our own destiny, we could make the change.
If we hold our leaders accountable.
But we suffer as they gain.

Part of the problem.
Is that all politicians seem the same.
They all use smoke and mirrors.
All the propaganda is the same.
Are outlooks are completely different.
But the outcome is the same.

The weak must suffer all the pain.
Dehumanizing propaganda.
Wanting them to die of shame.

We have to rise above this.
Climb out of the estates.
Make our leaders accountable.
Let them feel the pain.
This might just be a pipe dream.
But we need to try all the same.

They should have to live in the conditions that I am from.
Let them feel the shame.
Let them feel the hunger.
Let them feel the pain.

Then no one would have to go through.
The hell of where I am from.

You said so much

This poem is about the government system. These people will smile and shake your hand as they lie to you. I have no faith in the system as they lie, cheat, steal and spread hate. As people become more disillusioned with the system, change has to occur. Not a change of political party but a change of the whole system is needed. Are we strong enough to go into the unknown, I do not know?


You have said a hell of allot of things.
You said you stuck to your promises.
You said you cared.
You said you would always look out for us.
You said you would always protect us.
You said you would never judge us.
You said you would not lie to us.
You said you would not look down at us.
You said you would always be there for us.
You said we are your world.
You said we would be equal.
You said if we worked hard we would be ok.
You said if we put our faith in you, you would always be down.
You said if we died for you, are families would be in good hands.
You said if we fell ill you would help us out.
You said you swore you would never be underhand.
You said this was our land.
You said this was our home.
You said we would always stand hand in hand.
You said you would respect us.
You said you would never sell us out.
You said you would represent us.
You said you would be our voices, that we would always be heard.
You said you would always be fair.
You said that you would not let us down.
You said you are the same of us.
You said we would always engage us.
You said we did not have to fear you.
You said we would ALL be ok.

It breaks my heart, it hurts so much.
You no longer feel the same.
We do not know if you ever did?
Is it all just a game to you?
We play our part but you feel no shame.
You no longer understand us, you never really knew us.
You deal death, unjust punishment and cause us so much pain.
Your have no empathy never mind sympathy.
Your lies are killing us.
You keep pushing.
We are not you, but we will have to push back.
Why does it have to go this way?
You said you are us.
You told so many lies to us.
Your web is so tangled you do not know where it begins.
But this has to be were we end.
We can no longer respect you, believe you.
You make us despise you.

So all I can say is that we see through what you say to us.
It is such a shame.

It should have never gone this way.