I do not know. But i do not think this time will come again.

Our awareness of the darkness that enslaves us may not happen again.

It is fully shown to us from these so called men.

They cover up for paedophillic networks that murder our children.

Illegal and immoral wars that never satifies them.

Terrorise their own people and blame it on ‘them’.

Stealing money in expenses and selling our wealth.

All political parties are saying the same bent things.

Their genocide acts are so large, they do not even trying hiding them.

Their sacred symbols and rituals forced down our throats from birth to death.

Their thirst for our death and destruction can never be quenched.

Media brainwashing pacifying their sins.

Mass populations subdued when they tune in.

Our real history rewrote to fit in their plans.

How many times do they have to repeat ‘new world order’.

Before we begin.

To understand that we are being deceived in order that we submit.

In to their idea of utopia and their cull can begin.

Their occult beliefs and backward thinking.

Should mean they have no chance to win.

But until we open our tiny minds, in order to resist.

Their master plans and their hatred due to the fact that we exist.

We can defeat them and even let them co-exist.

As we are not like them, not so cold blooded and cold hearted.

We could let them live.

A legion of a billion souls will defeat them in the end.

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