We watch the box like we are hypnotised dummies.

Politicians get away with crime as long as they look good on TV.

We get all our mental stimuli while we eat out tea.

American government over threw the Ukrainian government live on TV.

But we are told, the big bad wolf can be seen on TV.

The real bad men will never be shown to the public.

So called entertainment getting more perverted.

They try to desensitive paedophillia to make it look like a cool thing!

Everything they want you to know they will tell you on TV.

What they want you to know will not be the truth you seek.

If what is happening is live and they do not want you to see.

It is re-edited to fit their needs.

Propaganda and subliminal messages hidden in plain sight.

Nothing is allowed to cross their line.

Now if you want to use alternative media.

URL s will be blocked and your details recorded.

Media is used to desensitise the public.

Create unfounded fear with the right story.

Works of fiction are so ridiculous they make people believe they must be true.

News is not news it is just Jackanory.

Peoples fear is controlled, it is so easy.

We will give up our rights thinking we are doing the right thing.

What really worries me.

Is this what our generation will bring.

Our future generations that will have to ask to go for a pee.

They think that we are all blind.

That their superior intelligence will bring their plans through.

Until they have their new world order.

Submissive masses.

What I want to do is write our own history.

When generations look back, they can think.

That we were brave enough.

To say no to these things.

Or they may get to watch an edited version of history made for T.V.

Stay true

I used to wonder why I go through the things I go through
Never understood why I think, the things I do.
Darkness and cold was what I was used to.
Natural chemicals in my brain not working.
My mind not working.
My body not working.
Only death would seem to work.
Blood and tears were a regular thing.
Twisted philosophy of my own demise.
Arguing for longevity.
Just to get through the storm.
Lost my job.
Lost my mind.
Lost my spark.
Found my hell.
Not a crack head, nothing I could shoot would ease the flames.
Scarring my body, my mind, my soul.
No easy way out.
Lost in a maze of nightmares.
No easy turn.
Every corner there was something waiting to make me fall.
But sink or swim.
I had to fight.
Learn how to protect my sanity.
Lose my stubborn pride.
Ask for help.
Put it all on the line.
No more lying to myself.
I am such a mess.
But to fight is one thing I know I do well.
But that is the place I found myself.
Like a child being born.
My biggest fear.
But I swore I would never be that way again.
There goes my pride again, playing mind games.
So I fell on my sword.
To embrace what I fear to help start over.
This should not happen to anyone I look out for.
It should not happen to anyone that I am opposed to.
To think otherwise would be playing into that game again.
Somewhere that I am not going to go to.
So what I have I learnt.
Through all the shit I have gone through.
Stay true to you.
You will find a way through.