House of pain

I guess I used to reside in the house of pain.

Not having an inkling.

That my negative thinking.

Was causing the sinking.

Into my own personal hell.

I was unable to breath.

Getting deeper into the point of no return.

I can still hear my screaming.

Fighting my demons.

Literally raising hell.

Somehow I could see through.

Grab hold of the things I thought were out of reach for.

Someone living in the house of pain.

Now i know there was a reason that my conscious would never give in.

So now i understand some of the reasons.

Why I can now tell.

Stories of my pain.

But these are really changing.

The rhymes that i use to erase the pain.

Now i can breathe easy.

Take control of the negative thinking.

As i quell the flames of hell.

Now I believe with good reasons.

That I should never leave this life.

Until it is my turn.

The Purge

You may not be aware of the purge.

You may just not care.

It is going on all around us.

It has many faces.

It’s in all places.

Our right to be human.

Is slowly being taken away.

Our thoughts and behavior.

Our health and free will.

Are all being purged.

Our rights are being eroded.

Never to be seen again.

No one is safe from this system.

Though you may never feel the pain.

You want the best for the generations of your family.

It could all be in vein.

Governments govern nothing.

As they each sell out in turn.

Humans become commodities.

Nothing more than a number.

Nothing more than a slave.

We sleepwalk into entrapment.

Straight in to the cage.

It is not hard to see this happening.

It is right before our eyes.

We all have that gut feeling.

That things are getting worse.

We all have our voices that should be heard.

Can we reverse the actions?

Can we all stand together?

Can we make ourselves be heard?

I believe we can do so.

We just need to learn to not be so scared.

Because of this system.

We seem to suffer from Stockholm syndrome.

It is quite absurd.

We know that we are continually lied to.

We know that what they bring is hurt.

But we just continue blindly.

Into the purge.

What is going on?

Do we ever really know the truth?

Can we see what is in front of us?

We are taught things from a young age.

Some of these things just do not feel right.

Governments withhold information for our own benefit.

They feel we can’t handle the truth.

Yet if we ask for an answer.

We are denied.

People are out of control.

Power mad with no empathy.

They will wipe out whole generations or races.

Just to own what they think are precious things.

Where is our humanity?

If you look at our own history as a race.

It leaves more questions than answers.

We do not who we are, or how we became to be.

History books may as well be blank.

They give us no real answers to the questions we seek.

We built the pyramids all those years ago without any technology?

We blindly follow some faiths.

Some created to keep the peace.

Some created purely out of man’s greed.

Older beliefs where banished because they did not suit.

An emperors interpretation of how his empire should be.

We seem to have no idea of what happened when we began.

Still with no idea of why we are here.

If you try to think outside of the restrictive chains.

You are made out to be weird.

Still lecturers will lecture on about misguided theories of how we got here.

But I still think we have no idea of what went on.

No idea of what is going on.

We still do not know what is real.

Or what is going on.

Demons are drawn to the dark

They live in all of our negativity.

They hide in the dark.

Afraid of the light.

Not brave are they, they will shy away.

Waiting until you are weak.

Demons are drawn to the dark.

So try to be strong.

They only exist if we let them live.

They may not be physically real to see.

They may not even exist in reality.

It could be just a build up of your bad thoughts and negativity.

But if it is a battle in life and they may give you an enemy to focus upon.

Demons are drawn to the dark.

Don’t let your courage wain.

Light up the darkness.

From your spirit within.

Remember how you are strong.

How you can fight.