Stuck in a bubble



I am stuck in bubble.

This bubble is my life.

It is not a nice bubble.

Everything is dark.

Nothing good can live here.

Nothing good is allowed.

Confusion is all around me.

Because all i have is love in my heart.

I am stuck in a bubble.

This bubble is my life.

But i can see through the darkness.

I swear i can see light.

This is somewhere i do not belong.

I cannot let it break my heart.

How do i break the bubble?

How do i get outside?

I live in a bubble.

This bubble is my life.

I cannot let it hold me.

I cannot grow in the dark.

I must be brave and break it.

I know i can survive.

Now i do not live in a bubble.

Now i can live my life.

If you live in a bubble.

Maybe you cannot see the light.

But if you can be brave and burst it.

You can begin to live your life.



Split personality


It is amazing how my mind gets turned inside out.

It feels like I am being beaten about the head.

I feel like giving up.

As I cannot get through the fog.

I descend into a comatosed state.

Turning into a shadow again.

My soul destroying itself from within.

My thoughts flicker from bright to dim.

I feel like a bird unable to fly.

Just ready and waiting to die.

I fight so hard to block it out.

But at times it is an impossible task.

Maybe I was not meant to be?

Maybe I was right for all them years?

I was a mistake that just caused more tears

It has been a while since I started these lines.

But at this time, my mind has changed.

I feel well again.

As I read the start to myself.

I reel from the pain it shows.

Now I am ready to fight again.

Such a different day.

I know the words written in red, seem to be in vein.

But these new words help wash away the pain.

Am I my own guardian angel?

Is this all just a game I must play?

I must keep my future at hand.

My future is bright and I need to keep that in mind.

As I go through the ups and the downs.

I must keep my faith.

That I will get through.

Not allowing the dark side of me.

To dictate my way.

In order that one day.

I can find a way.

To sew together the splits in my personality.



A smile, a look or a few kind words
Is all it takes.
To make someone’s day.
In this fast rat race, that we call life.
It could all be different.
If just once in a while.
We just took a moment.
Just to let go.
Even if it is just a hello.
We see so many strangers every day.
Everyone has their story that is their life.
Busy scurrying without enough time.
Whether its success or just to remain alive.
Just a simple thing can make someone smile.